Our Logo

The creation of a brand for the Fortwilliam Partnership symbolised by the Logo reflects the aspirations and dynamism of David Evans Bevan and family.
Drawing on their Farming and commercial experiences and coming from a rural background, the Fortwilliam partnership seeks to embrace and protect all the natural beauty of the property whilst unlocking opportunities for future generations. The Logo is a stamp of the Fortwilliam Partnership’s potential for enterprise to flourish and for guests and customers to enjoy a wide range of complimentary and sustainable Irish based benefits not least the rich experience of Fly Fishing on the Premier River Blackwater. All with a warm welcome and comfortable homely surroundings in an agricultural environment.

The logo shape reflects the Fortwilliam Arch which is repeated in external and internal architectural features both in the traditional Farmstead and the Main House.


The heart shape and colours are an echo of another Logo which was the hallmark of the successful Vale of Neath Brewery created and run by David Evans Bevan’s Great Grandfather in South Wales. The heart shape emblem was to symbolise the marriage of a mining surveyor to the daughter of the brewery owner.


The Bee is central to the new Fortwilliam Brand for many reasons. Principally it symbolises cross pollination. Not only critical for Farming, the core enterprise but it reminds us of the importance of pollination for the wild flora, trees and garden species which are so much part of Fortwilliam’s natural beauty. This interdependence is further carried forward to reflect the potential and enhancement of all the actvities and the interaction of the team at Fortwilliam with their various roles.


A personally run and hands on operation this “Worker Bee” emblem is a reminder that with maximum effort and  “buzz” great things can happen and achievements enjoyed by all. For us the Bee captures the spirit of enterprise, positive industry and energy in a natural way combined with friendliness and fun. Celebrated in Art and Literature  since Ancient Times,  the Bee is inspirational for ambition and the longevity of the Fortwilliam Partnership.  Added to this the well loved Bee is recognised all over the world so it gives an international dimension to the Brand.

Finally the Bee works hard for the “colony “ and each one is a key contributor. In the same way the Fortwilliam Partnership seeks to contribute to the wider Irish Community and we are delighted to confirm our support of  Barnados Ireland as our official Charity of choice.