Patrick and Paul in Blackwater River

The Fortwilliam team is made up of the Evans-Bevan family supported by Paul Whelan who together run both the Fishery and the Farming business.

Paul Whelan experienced and enthusiastic fishing manager devotes his time to making river improvements, ghillying when necessary and providing expert advice and assistance to guests on the river.

The Evans-Bevan family, owners of Fortwilliam originate from Wales and Ireland and moved to Fortwilliam in 2013.

Farmers and Rural business people, David Evans-Bevan is originally from Wales, and a keen country sports man. The wider family are all involved in the Fortwilliam enterprise and

Alice Evans-Bevan, the eldest child of David and Philippa, enjoys helping out with the fishery business and farming as well as being a keen fisher herself.

Patrick Evans-Bevan is a keen fisherman and when he is not at college he is often found on the river fishing himself, working on the farm or assisting Paul in some way or another.

Bert Evans-Bevan is the youngest member of our team. Currently still at school but Bert is a good all round helper and he especially enjoys the fishing courses and open days which help him learn and improve his casting.